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Rho-Orion Investments Inc. (ROI) provides outstanding returns to investors.

ROI Inc. identifies exceptional undervalued properties, adds value through strategic renovations & up-grades, aggressively markets the properties to attain stable, above market rents, and manages the properties to optimize cash-flows and increase equity value.


Press Release: Rho-Orion Investments, March 1, 2017.


Our President, Darcy White, will be speaking this weekend March 4th at the Toronto Investment Forum at the International Centre. www.theinvestorforum.ca.

The Investor Forum is Canada’s leading real estate conference for trusted investor education in the art of property investing. Darcy will be sharing in a moderated forum: “Lessons from Successful Multi-Family Investors: How to get from 20 – 200 300 doors.” Darcy will give real life examples, answer questions and share stories from our work on turning around multi-family apartments.




Press Release: Rho-Orion Investments, Jan 5, 2017

Rho-Orion Investments Inc. are pleased to announce the opening of Windsor Pool II - a pool of 3 to 5 properties and up to 250 suites. By pooling several properties together we believe we can achieve lower operating costs per door and diversify earnings, vacancies and major expenses across more suites. As additional qualified properties are added to the pool, we will provide opportunities for additional investments and investors.



Our latest acquisition, The Hyde Park Apartments is the first property in this investment pool.   This Hyde Park Apartments has a mix of 16 one bedroom and 18 two bedroom suites for a total of 34 suites. We have secured the property by a conventional purchase and sales agreement. There are currently 2 vacancies (6%) which is slightly over CMHC reported market average of 4%. The plan is to repair and fill the building with stable tenants with better than market rents and a lower than market vacancy rate. This will improve our Return on Investment on the property substantially. We have arranged for a conventional commercial mortgage from our financial partner, Motor City Community Credit Unit. 


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