Rho-Orion Investments Inc. (ROI) Provides outstanding returns to investors.

ROI Inc. Identifies exceptional undervalued properties, adds value through strategic renovations and upgrades, aggressively markets the properties to attain stable, above market rents, and manages the properties to optimize cash-flows and increase equity value.

This venture is targeted towards sophisticated investors who understand and embrace the correlation between risk and return. The managers of Rho Orion Investments are not licensed investment brokers, and while some of the principles have advanced degrees and certifications in management, finance, accounting and financial planning, Rho Orion does not act in the capacity of a personal investment counselor or financial planner.

Sophisticated investors should understand that all investments carry some risk. The greater the risk, the greater the expected return from that investment, however risk is not it’s own reward. Investors should understand that this is a focused investment portfolio and as such is subject to idiosyncratic risk, that is risk that it specific to real estate.

Rho-Orion manages risk through value investing – selection of under performing properties with latent value, and diversification across different regions.

The management of Rho Orion believes strongly in our properties.  In return for finding and acquiring the property, arranging the purchase and financing and managing the business Rho-Orion retains 20% of the offering. Additionally, Rho Orion Directors have the option to purchase additional shares in the same manner as our investor partners with each offering.