Maple Glen Apartments

Maple Glen as seen from outside

A 48 unit apartment complex nestle on a major east west artery in an upper middle class neighbourhood on the city’s very desirable east side. Two, three storey fully bricked buildings sprawled out on 2.46 acres of land with plenty of parking. The buildings feature modern concrete construction and large bright units with balconies.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$1,770,000 $5,881,003 38.9% 21.6% 19.0%

Royal Windsor Apartments

The Royal Windsor Apartments is a landmark brick on concrete heritage building located at 280 Park Street West in downtown Windsor, Ontario. Located on a large city corner lot, The Royal Windsor’s four storey peaked spires with sandstone accents draw admiring looks from all who visit.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$1,755,500 $6,468,890 31.5% 32.1% 17.8%

Garden Court Apartments

Garden Court’s main entrance

The Garden Court Apartments is a 32 unit brick and concrete heritage building located at 280 Erie Street West in downtown Windsor Ontario. Located on a large city corner lot, the Garden Court Apartments, and its Neo-Classical architecture is a landmark building in a great neighbourhood.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$775,000 $3,326,741 31.3% 32.6% 21.7%

Sonnet Apartments

Sonnet Apartments main entrance

Centrally located on the west side, Sonnet Apartments are close to all amenities and transit and services.  Spacious, comfortable and family friendly, these large two and three bedroom suites are now available for rent. Fully renovated units that feature new kitchens, three new shiny black appliances (dishwasher, fridge and stove) and a pleasing mixture of 2 and 3 bedroom suites – some with city views!

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$1,265,181 $4,395,169 22.1% 16.5% 21.4%

Hyde Park Apartments

Hyde Park Apartments – Street side

The Hyde Park Apartments is a 34 unit brick on wood frame building located in the Sandwich and Sutherland district, close to the University of Windsor. In order to capitalize on the evolving area, the building has been updated with new roofs, modern windows and mechanicals as well as a thoughtful turnover program which broadened the appeal and driving rents.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$2,025,000 $3,741,606 33.4% 50.8% 78.8%

The Maples Apartments

The Maples main entrance

The Maple Apartments is a fine example of Windsor’s historical Prohibition Era construction, with its fine brick facade, sandstone lintels, and cast columns. The Maple Apartment, acquired along with the adjacent duplex in 2012, strikes an impressive profile on Ouellette Street. Both properties were in need of better management and long deferred attention to maintenance and re-capitalization.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$525,000 $1,510,000 53.8% 27.3% 23.9%

Bennett Apartments

The Maples main entrance

The Bennett Apartments is 17 units in 3 building in the historic Walkerville district of Windsor Ontario. Developed as tenement housing for workers at the the Hiram Walker distillery, the neighbourhood has a colourful history dating back to the prohibition era.

Purchased Sold ROI CAGR IRR
$430,000 $1,025,000 52.8% 16.5% 21.5%