Rho-Orion Investments Inc. is a private real estate fund  focused on Multi-Family residential properties.  The primary goal of Rho-Orion Investments is to generate outstanding returns to our investors.

What are outstanding returns?

Returns are composed of Cash Flow – distributed to investors combined with mortgage principle repayment. There are no sleight-of-hand accounting tricks; we do not presume market appreciations or inflations, which cannot be proved in the calculation, to gross up the return on investment. Nor will you find esoteric depreciation or tax recovery through loss schemes.  We do not believe these are prudent or necessary to create outstanding returns.

How do we aim to give these Returns?

The Directors of Rho-Orion Investments Inc. are experienced in managing distressed properties back into profitability.  The plan is simple and effective. Or, as we like to say, it is “simply effective.”

Identify properties with latent value

Purchase these properties at competitive prices 

Arrange or assume exceptional financing 

Create a specific marketing plan for each property that maximizes its market potential 

Fill vacancies, improve tenant services, increase building efficiencies, manage our properties well and respect our tenants 

Hold properties long term to create generational wealth for investors

Rho-Orion Investments Inc. works with sophisticated investors who understand and embrace the correlation between risk and return. The managers of Rho-Orion Investments Inc. are not licensed investment brokers, and while some of the principles have advanced degrees and certifications in management, finance, accounting and financial planning, Rho-Orion Investments Inc. does not act in the capacity of a personal investment counselor or financial planner.

Sophisticated investors should understand that all investments carry some risk. The greater the risk, the greater the expected return from that investment, however risk is not it’s own reward. Investors should understand that this is a focused investment portfolio and as such is subject to idiosyncratic risk, that is risk that it specific to real estate.